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Women Who Want Smaller Breasts

Many women develop large breasts during puberty and are unhappy with them because of all the unwanted attention that comes with an ample bustline, not to mention the backaches, painful shoulders from tight bra straps, not being able to jog, do aerobics, or feel “light” and “free”, and always having to sleep with a bra on. It’s also difficult to find a bra that provides enough support and looks pretty and feminine at the same time.

A girl that develops large breasts at eleven or twelve is also probably going to have to worry about a sagging bustline at eighteen or in her early twenties. Gravity is no friend to women! It’s ironic that although the obsession is with “big boobs”, “big tits”, “big hooters”, “big knockers”, “huge ta-tas”, or many other names that the owners of an ample bustline have heard all too often, the women who are blessed with them don’t always feel lucky.

Very large breasts can be uncomfortable, embarrassing, and unwanted. Having all kinds of lechorous men leering at your chest constantly, shouting things at you in the street, and always trying to cop a free feel is not enjoyable. Besides, women with larger breasts in this society are often viewed as less intelligent, and treated that way, as if brain size is inversely proportionate to bust size.

Large breasted women still struggle to fit the “perfect picture” of round, eternally perky, firm, bouncy breasts presented to us by the media, because big natural breasts sag over time, and sagging breasts, in our culture, have become unacceptable. All breasts are now supposed to look as firm and ageless as implants.

It’s important for all women, regardless of breast size, to love and accept their bodies, and to be proud and unashamed of their curves. However, for women whose breasts are uncomfortably large, or who just want to be able to be more active, there are a couple of options for reducing breast size.

Women who are in daily pain or just plain unhappy with their extra large breasts can get them surgically reduced. Breast reduction surgery should be performed by a skilled surgeon and the patient may wish to consider getting a breast lift as well, ensuring a smaller, perkier bosom. Many women are thrilled with their post-surgery smaller breasts! They feel thinner, sexier, and are able to participate in activities they may not have before, like jogging, aerobics, or weight lifting.

Lots of women have also successfully decreased their bust size by losing weight. A weight lifting routine or exercises that emphasize the pectoral muscles will actually help to lift and firm your breasts, and help reduce the appearance of sagging. A combination of a healthy diet and exercise are important in feeling and looking your best.

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