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Facts Regarding Sex After Menopause

It’s a common misconception among people that sex after menopause does not exist anymore. This notion makes most women fear that their sexual life will not be as happy and as fulfilling after menopause. This misunderstood concept also resulted in judging older women to be plain and boring. Also the inability to bear children after menopause has no relation to the loss of sexual urges.

But experts say that sex drive should not lessen as people get older. In fact studies have found out that sexuality is an important factor in increasing the quality of our lives. In fact, sex after menopause, as with passion and romance, can be more pleasurable when you are 50.

Women have varying reasons why they lose interest in sex after menopause. Some feel that sex after menopause is more painful and less satisfying. Others are simply reluctant, thinking that menopause, accompanied by their weight gain, may have made them undesirable to their partners. And a few simply lost the desire.

However, a greater percentage of women said that they did not feel any decrease in activities related to sex after menopause. The fact is, a fulfilling sexual life does not disappear with time. The women who find sex after menopause more enjoyable said that they need not worry about contraceptives and unwanted pregnancies anymore, making them perform better in bed.

There are several ways to counter the problems of sex brought about by menopause. Lubricating gels, vaginal moisturizers, and even vaginal estrogen creams can make sex after menopause as satisfying as it was during your child-bearing years. Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) is also said to relieve vaginal dryness. However, since there have been negative effects associated with the use of HRT, it is best to consult your doctor before using it.

Experts believed that women who lose desire for sex after menopause have psychological-related problems. This has no bearing at all to menopause. Their attitude towards menopause may have contributed to this problem. Sex after menopause is still possible. Women should just accept the fact that menopause is part of life and, from there, make the best of it, including their sexual life.

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