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Pregnancy Prevention

Birth control options for men have always been very limited, and not entirely successful. However, birth control of some kind is necessary to avoid the pitter patter of little feet.

For those men who are in a casual dating situation, the condom is the most common method. If used in conjunction with a spermicide, it has a reasonably low accidental pregnancy rate. It also has the added feature of protection against STD’s.

Condoms aren’t bomb proof though, as most men are well aware. Improper use, such as applying a petroleum based lubricant, will lead to breakage (and possibly child support).

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Fertility in Early Menopause

Many women mistakenly believe that they cannot become pregnant during early menopause. However, pregnancy during early menopause is entirely possible, unless the uterus has been surgically removed by hysterectomy. You are still at risk for pregnancy until you have completely stopped ovulating.

A pregnancy that occurs during early menopause is considered a high risk pregnancy, because when a woman reaches her late thirties, or when menopause begins, the quality of the eggs is diminished and the lining of the uterus begins to thin as well. This makes the risk of miscarriage very high.

Since periods become irregular, or non-existent, knowing for sure when you are ovulating can become quite difficult. So, while the chances of becoming pregnant have diminished by about 50%, you still must continue to use contraception to avoid unwanted pregnancies.

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