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That Middle Age Bloating Feeling – How to Control It

Yeah, we’ve all been there. We try to take our rings off to protect them from whatever we’re about to stick our hands into, and they won’t move beyond that puff of finger flesh just before the next joint. Or we finally get our pants zipped and buttoned and then we try to sit down only to receive the biggest wedgie ever and also have our midsection just about cut in half from the waistband. The ring fit just the other day when you tried to take it off, so did the pants. So then what could the problem be to make such a radical change in our very fingers? The answer could be as simple as bloating. Bloating effects many women our age when we don’t treat our bodies ‘just right’. It can make you uncomfortable, it can sap your energy, and it can effect your entire outlook and attitude. Here are a few suggestions for lifestyle changes that just might make things a little less challenging in the future.

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