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Breast Feeding

Breasts are designed for one thing and one thing only: to nurse babies. Do you know that breastfeeding your baby is the healthiest thing you can do for them? Studies show that breastfed babies grow up smarter, healthier, and more immune to all kinds of diseases.

Society has placed such importance on women’s breasts always looking young, full and perky, that many women are afraid to nurse their babies because they don’t want their breasts to sag! Indeed, a lot of the women who get breast implants do so because they are ashamed of their “deflated breasts” from to nursing their children. It’s a shock to go from full and large nursing breasts to “empty tube socks flapping in the breeze” as one woman put it.

Brest feeding

What about being able to nurse in public places? Shouldn’t women be able to nurse their babies anywhere? It’s uncomfortable enough for a mother to be constantly dripping milk into a bulky, saturated nursing bra. Anytime she thinks of her baby, the milk starts to come! Which can be very embarrassing in any kind of social or corporate setting.

But any bare breast in public is considered sexual and scandalous in America, forcing women to nurse their infants in places that society deems appropriate, such as the women’s restroom. Not all ladies’ rooms have a nice comfortable place to sit down though. So where are mothers supposed to nurse their young?

Standing up, hunched over, in a crowded or dirty bathroom? Shoulder to shoulder with all the other women and girls waiting for a stall? Why is a bare breast attached to an infant considered shocking, sexual, or socially inappropriate in public? Mothers have a right to nurse their babies in public!

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